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DINARO Project

Diver navigation using range-only measurements from an autonomous surface vehicle (2014 – 2016)

Divers operate in an extremely unfriendly environment where human activities depend on technical systems. In our recent research we have demonstrated that the use of autonomous surface vehicles that track divers, in combination with commercially available underwater navigation systems such as ultra-short baselines (USBLs) can be successfully used to increase diver safety, enhance the reliability of the communication channel with the diver, and enable diver absolute navigation by routing GPS signal to the underwater.  However, these systems are still not approachable to the wide range of end-users due to high market value of USBLs and their lack of precision. This project proposes to exploit range measurements from a single autonomous surface vehicles that is capable of maneuvering in such a way to increase the quality of diver position measurement by improving the observability of the measurement system. This innovative approach will improve the current methodology of tracking and navigating divers during their underwater activities.