Hrvatski prijevod bit će uskoro dostupan!

  • Clearly defined methodology and procedures for the study of the ships, shipbuilding and seafaring in Croatia, in line with the world’s scientific achievements;
  • Established discipline of nautical archaeology with clear scientific identity;
  • Series of publications that testify to the importance of the discipline and its achievements;
  • Accurately published results of previous archaeological and historical research;
  • Enhanced awareness of the importance of nautical heritage studies in the Croatian scientific community;
  • Functional interdisciplinary network of collaborators from different branches of humanities, natural and technical sciences;
  • Cutting-edge underwater recording and 3D modelling technologies regularly implemented in nautical archaeology projects;
  • Dynamic international network of collaborators in nautical archaeology projects;
  • Network of young researchers interested in nautical archaeology studies;
  • Platform for efficient and cost effective nautical heritage protection;
  • Public awareness of the value and importance of nautical heritage studies;
  • Active involvement of the public in the process of research, study, interpretation, presentation and preservation of nautical heritage.
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